All participants, except non-attending co-authors, must pay the appropriate registration fee via paypal or bank transfer. Please visit registration page for more details. 

Guidelines for Submitting Your Papers

  • All papers and panels must be submitted via the conference website.
  • All papers and panel titles must conform to the style guidelines attached.
  • Papers must be written in English.
  • For assistance with the online submission process or with dues payment, first contact Mr. Farouq kamal at

Rules for Presenters

  • No individual may undertake more than one “presenter role,” defined as giving a paper or participating in a seminar. Participating in a roundtable is not considered a presenter role.
  • No individual may undertake more than three roles altogether, including a presenter role. Thus, an individual may give a paper and offer commentary on a separate panel.
  • Individuals may both present a paper (or participate in a seminar) and participate in one roundtable.

Scheduling Changes

  • The Program Director and the Executive Director reserve the right to move papers from one session to another at their discretion.
  • New papers may not be substituted in cases of participant withdrawal. All papers presented must undergo formal vetting and approval from the Program Committee.


  • If needed, a statement regarding subject consent and REB (Research Ethics Board) approval should be included in the paper.

Declaration of conflict or commercial interest

  • All papers should declare any conflict or commercial interest.

What criteria is used to review proposals?

Presentation proposals should be timely, carefully considered and prepared, interactive, and provide resources, takeaways, and action points. To ensure that every participant feels their time spent in workshops is valuable, reviewers will consider the following criteria when evaluating presentation proposals:

  • Relevance: The proposed session should interface with the felt needs, challenges, and opportunities in today’s schools, organizations, and society.
  • Approach: The following should be clear: the session description and objectives; how the session adds value to the conference and serves attendees; who the target audience is; what modes of facilitation the presenters will use; and what takeaways participants can expect.

Online Submission