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The following are F.A.Qs. The answer to your question might be available in this section.


1. Do I need to register before submitting my paper to the conference?

No. Authors need to submit their abstract/full paper to the conference first. After the deadline for submission of abstracts. After receiving the notification of Acceptance, registration instructions will be sent to the authors accordingly and then they will be able to register for the conference.

2. Papers not selected to be published in the conference supporting Journal will be all published in the conference proceedings?

All papers submitted to the conference will be published in the conference e-proceedings. Only some selected papers (to be selected by the search committee) will be published in one of the two journals.

3. Does the Conference e-proceedings come with an ISSN?


4. Can I receive my acceptance letter sooner to be able to apply for financial support from my organization?

We try our best to evaluate the abstracts submitted to the conference and send the acceptance letters to the respective authors as soon as possible and will do our best to accommodate your request.

5. Do I need to pay any extra fees for publication of my paper in the conference supporting Journal?

No. There is no other charges or extra fees for publishing the selected papers in the conference supporting Journal.