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Welcome to the official website of the International Conference on Halal Food and Nutrition Sciences (ICHFNS, 2017). This conference is jointly organized by Open World University in cooperation with Indonesia University and the Bandung Institute of Technology. ICHFNS will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia from 16 to 17 December 2017.

With the massive changes occurring in food industry, new innovations and its applications to the food processing and allied industries have attracted attention in Muslim and non-Muslim societies. Of course, other social and cultural preferences continues to be a widely researched topic in the food industry. With all this in mind, bringing safe, delicious, nutritious, culturally appropriate, and innovative food technologies is truly multi-disciplinary. There are many potential studies on halal food processing and consumption that can promote the food industry in Muslim countries. ICHFNS provides great opportunities for establishing networks in future multi-disciplinary research, locally and internationally. We are proud to invite you to join us and to present your new findings in Halal food, food processing innovations, food safety, food service management and nutrition to an audience of scientists, government agencies and food industries.

Among the main objectives of the conference are to:

  • address the significance of Halal Food in contemporary business industry of Muslim countries;
  • investigate possible challenges regarding nutrition and food safety from practical and industrial views;
  • report on how Shariah is related to the food industry in terms of detecting contamination and ensuring food safety;
  • explore public knowledge of Halal food and other aspects related to food quality and safety in modern society.


All papers will be published in electronic conference proceeding and will be indexed in Scopus. Selected papers will be published in one of the following journals:



Professor Dr. Slamet Ibrahim Surantaatmadja

School of Pharmacy, Bandung Institute of Technology

Prof. Dr. Nik Kamariah Nik Mat

College of Business, Universiti Utara Malaysia

Scope & Topics

Thematic area includes but not limited to:

Focus Topics

  • Halal food
  • Halal food production
  • Halal food quality control
  • Food safety, regulations and Shariah standards
  • Halal food analysis techniques
  • Effect of Islamic culture on consumers’ food consumption
  • Food traceability
  • Food toxicity

Nutrition Topics

  • Nutritional Deficiency and Disorders
  • Nutrition Therapy
  • Pediatric Nutrition
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Nutrition and food security
  • Nutritional chemistry
  • Causes of Nutritional Disorders and Current Research

Multidisciplinary and emergent Topics

  • Molecular nutrition and food research
  • Food quality control
  • Recent advancements in food technology
  • Dairy technology
  • Food processing industries
  • Areas in food processing and technology
  • Food processing and Storage
  • Food chemistry
  • Functional ingredients
  • Food fermentation
  • Food biochemistry and food processing
  • Emerging food processing techniques
  • Foodborne hazards

Conference partners and sponsors